Make the Most of Your Time as a Viewer

A long long time ago…
In a land of Twitchness not far away…

I used to write about and support growing streamers constantly. Part of this included some ‘fairly’ useful write ups about all sorts of things Twitch related. Here’s a good little read about being the best viewer you can be!


So, you love watching people play games? Great! Streamers love to have you watch! But what makes a good viewer? What is it that streamers are hoping of their viewers? Well here is a helpful list to improve your viewing experience. Keep in mind that this list will be most helpful in smaller streams where you can interact with other viewers as well as the streamer. Larger, more populated streams, will be harder to interact with due to the large number of people being active in chat- but don’t let that deter you! There are still great things to take away from the larger streams.


Just the same as you would with any other thing you watch, be interested in the content. Sometimes that means just being interested in the streamer and not particularly the game. A lot of streamers play a vast library of games, not just one. Along with being interested, it’s also important to keep an open mind about your interests and the interests of the streamer and other viewers. Watching a stream is a great way to get the feel for a game you might be interested in. It’s one thing to read a review but it’s a whole ‘nother experience to dive into it with someone else. Becoming more and more active in the streaming community you will find streamers you enjoy watching and don’t mind what game they are playing. Hooray! That’s a great thing to be a part of! The important thing to remember, though, is try not to bug a streamer constantly about playing some other game you may be interested in. If you enjoy their stream be respectful and remember there is a reason they are streaming the content that they are!

That leads me to…


The great thing about the human race is everyone is their own person and everyone has their own likes and dislikes. With that in mind, respect other people about their views. Sometimes we don’t agree on things and that’s okay! Have a friendly argument, sure! But let’s try to keep the online fighting to a minimum, yeah? Especially in a streamers channel. Don’t create a hostile environment in chat because someone thinks COD is better than Halo. Being pleasant and respectful can go a long way. Chatting and interacting with other viewers as well as the streamer can be a lot of fun! Not everyone likes to be social when watching a stream but if you’re going to chat, be friendly! That’s the point, right? Make some friends! Become a part of this vast community of game lovers.


Be part of the fun! Be active in chat and spark up a relevant conversation. This is especially helpful in smaller streams. Having an inactive chat can be a big bummer for some streamers so help be the solution! Even if you’re not a big chatter, you can still drop a line in every now and then. Careful though, you may accidentally make some friends. Just remember you’re all there for the same reason, to watch the stream! Try not to make it all about you, toss that attention back to the streamer for chrissake!


Some streamers have made a point to create a small community surrounding their stream. This is a great thing to be a part of! Follow streamers that you enjoy and be encouraging! Sub to those streamers if you’re able to! Branch out to social media and follow on Twitter and YouTube channels. Tweet and retweet about those streamers you love. Let those streamers know how great they are doing! Everyone could use a little encouragement from time to time. Be loyal and come back, even if you’re watching other streamers as well! Streamers and streamer communities love to see people come back for more. And doesn’t it feel great when someone remembers your name and welcomes you back?


It’s great if you’re a streamer that also watches other streamers. However, you’re in their stream so let’s stick to them, shall we? Unless a streamer has asked about your stream or has encouraged you to spread the word in their channel.. Let’s keep your mentions to a minimum. Join the community they have and I promise that you will find some loyal viewers of your own. Twitter is a fantastic outlet for spreading the word about your stream to other streamer’s communities. Also, don’t ask to be a moderator over and over. Take the “no” and move on from the subject. If you are a streamer and already have a following there is a great resource to show your support, HOST HOST HOST!


Ugh trolls, right? Most streamers have some set rules about trolling in their channels. Most streamers will ban an overactive troll in a heartbeat! Sarcasm and playful banter is most likely encouraged, as it is prevalent in the gaming world. Trolling is no fun and not everyone can handle being humiliated. Don’t encourage them. Let’s send the trolls back to Barrens chat with their Chuck Norris jokes in tote.


A lot of streamers do giveaways from time to time. This is a great way to bring in more viewers with the hope they will become loyal. However, this also brings in a horde of giveaway junkies that will sit idle until a set time for the giveaway. You can usually spot these people by their chat activity, “is the giveaway over?”. Of course not all of them are the telltale jerks we may assume they are. But let’s just not be that guy. A lot of streamers with Sub buttons have shifted over to Sub only giveaways to avoid this kind of behavior and good for them! Let the loyalty be rewarded.

Now that you have all of the tools needed to be a proactive viewer, I hope to see you out there! There are, of course, more things that can be touched on but as long as you stay pleasant I bet you will have a great experience. So get out there, watch some streams and welcome to this great community of gamers and game lovers. We are happy to have you.

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