Wasteland Readiness Month

A new month brings a new project theme!
This month we are riding the hype wagon of the B.E.T.A and release of Fallout 76 on November 14th! On top of that, we are kicking off our Monthly QQ-Character build and I will be working toward molding at least one project a month for casting reproductions.
A lot of exciting things are coming!

Are you Wasteland Ready?

Join the QQ all month for projects inspired by the wonderful Fallout Franchise. What will we be working on? Let’s see what we can come up with-

  • Creatures/Monsters
  • Iconic Props
  • Iconic Weapons[?]
  • Iconic Characters
  • QQ Community Character [QQ-CC]

A bunch of really great things we can pull inspiration from to create some fun pieces. AND the first Community character build! For the QQ-CC there will be a handful of polls for everyone to vote one. Each poll will help choose a characteristic of the character! So make sure and vote on these!

This month’s QQ-CC I am hoping to do a complete figure/statuette! I know, this is ambitious but I am excited for the challenge! I also chose for this character to be female because for the Charity Sculpt I did a male figure.
I hate to limit the QQ-CC so much! Sculpting is still so very new and I have a lot to learn. I want to make sure I am able to keep trying new things and new styles so I can improve with every piece! With November’s QQ-CC I would like to have the face showing and, forgive me, not in power armor. I KNOW! I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON! I would love to do some power armor stuff, at least someday; but we can definitely build something more unique if we aren’t limited to a giant suit of armor!

With that being said, here are the characteristics we will vote on this week!

  1. Character Base
  2. Personality
  3. Fighting Style
  4. Clothing

Doesn’t that sound exciting?! – Throughout the first week of November we voted on polls to build the first QQ-CC! Here are the results!

“Agent Outfit” mod for Fallout 4
  • Character Base – Vault Dweller
  • Personality – Jokester
  • Combat Style – Blunt Melee & Explosives
  • Outfit Inspiration – >>>>>>>>>

Thank you all who participated in the polls! Let me introduce you to the first QQ-Community Character 

Ruby “The Fool” Foster


Do you have a suggestion for Fallout inspired pieces for the month? Let me know! I’m all over the social medias and face pages. Look forward to your feedback

Check out the QQ in all the places!


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