Handwritten letters have always held a special place in my heart. Slow-motion communication is underrated and so far behind us that i fear it puts a damper on our relationships all together. Everyone and everything has become so easy to access that access is taken for granted.

I long for the days of slow. For the time it takes to send and receive. Letters require thought, consideration, curiosity, effort. All things that are becoming lost to instant messaging. I want to introduce you to the joy that writing letters can bring. To the bond that can be built simply by waiting and taking the time to be meaningful in new ways.

Have you ever written someone a letter? Have you ever received a letter?

What keeps you from writing someone?

If your reasoning is time then maybe it is not for you. The process is not for everyone but it is rewarding if you’re willing to give a little bit of your time.

I want to invite you to be my pen-pal!

You won’t receive instant gratification. In fact, you will not know how long it will be before you receive a letter back. But that is part of the wonder! I do not know what our letters will hold. Experience and time add so much dynamic to letter correspondence that it can be anyone’s guess! It will be an adventure of its own.

My promise to you, as your pen-pal, is that my letters will always be worth the read. Anything that we talk about will stay between us and you will always have a place to spill some thoughts onto paper on whatever may be. Are you excited about something? I want to know! Do you need advice? Maybe I can help! And I will likely ask advice as well. The important thing is that you know it is meaningful and real. It’s not a quick reply. It’s not a mindless text response. It matters!

You don’t have to know me at all to be my pen-pal. And no one will know you are my pen-pal unless you tell them! Even if you are unsure about your interest in writing, don’t be afraid to try! Let’s go on this adventure together and see if it can bring some new joy into your life =]

Your private information will never be shared or used for anything other than writing letters. In some ways, you will have even more privacy in letters than in online correspondence! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to ask!

Thank you for considering being my pen-pal and indulging my love for things of the past. I can’t wait to write you all and get to know you a bit! And your handwriting =]

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