About SueZ_QQ

SueZ is a mother, gamer, artist, dork, and content creator on TwitchTV. Her life has always involved gaming in one way or another; from learning to read while watching her mother play through The Legend of Zelda- to the many years she was a devoted raider in World of Warcraft.
In 2009 she studied at the Oklahoma School of Photography. Her artistic and creative background brings a fresh and unique presence to the QQ. Her photographic work includes still life pieces and many series’ revolving around nerd and pop culture references.

Always drawn to the artistic side of life, she tried her hand at sculpting in August 2018. She quickly realized that she had a knack for it and has since been working hard and improving with every piece of clay she touches. In October 2018 she started adding sculpting themes for each month, creating characters and creatures in her own unique style.

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On TwitchTV she is known to be everywhere and chatting with everyone. In May 2018 she was finally convinced by her many Twitch friends to start up streaming. A week later she was affiliate and has fallen in love with everything about content creation. Originally a variety gamer, her stream has since evolved into a creative space as well as a gaming one- incorporating her artwork and involving her audience in the creation of her work. She brings her quirky personality and distinct branding to a whole new level. You can find her streaming a variety of content, from competitive games like Overwatch to Creative things like sculpting, painting, and gfx.

14445928_1313671795323149_6816759692995264272_nSuez is truly a one-of-a-kind to the gaming industry, bringing the love for her children and husband into the community she has helped grow. You can find her wishing good mornings and spreading her positive vibes everywhere she goes.

If you haven’t already, check out her channel on TwitchTV and see what the hype is all about.